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What’s in E-Liquid ?

What’s in E-Liquid ?

With every country now bringing in its own regulations and legislation concerning e-cigarettes and e-liquids, we thought we would give a detailed breakdown of what’s in “e-liquid”, “e-juice”, “vape juice”.


The bulk of the e-liquid is made from vegetable glycerin known as VG. This doesn’t hold the flavour very well on its own so it is mixed with propylene Glycol known as PG. The VG used is generally certified as organic and PG is used in inhalers to help asthma. Both are safe to breathe in. The VG is thick and creates a lot of vapour when heated. The PG is thinner and much better at holding the flavour. Premium e-liquids are usually mixed to the ratio of about 70% VG to 30% PG. This allows a perfect balance of vapour and flavour.  The flavours are food grade, exactly the same as in our favourite foods. This flavouring is added to the PG. Colourings have been added in the past but this will stop with the new TPD regulations.  The pharmacy grade nicotine is added at the end depending on the strength required.

Laboratory Testing ELIQUIDS

All e-liquid manufacturers that want to sell their products in the UK have to have tests done before it goes on sale.  This is to ensure that there are no other harmful products contained within.
Contrary to belief there have been lots of studies done that point to the fact that vaping can be an extremely useful aid to quit smoking. Whilst time is still needed to fully understand if there are any long term risks, the fact that there are 9-450 times less toxicants in e-liquid vapour than cigarette smoke can surely mean one thing. By vaping eliquid you are eliminating your contact with clinically proven toxicants in cigarettes and this can only be a positive thing.

New TPD law nearly here

Changing Times in the E-Liquid Industry

We are now into May and it won’t be long until the government’s new TPD law comes into force. There are still some people that are unaware of the new tobacco products legislation and how it will affect the the vaping industry in the UK. The TPD will introduce new rules to try and ensure that minimum standards are met for the safety and quality of e-cigarettes and refill containers.  This includes providing information to consumers so that they can make their own informed choices. Hopefully this will also create a market that will give children protection and prevent them from using these products.
Here are some of the new requirements that will come into effect from 20th May 2017.
  •      –  refillable tanks must be restricted to no more than 2ml in size
  •      –  the maximum size of an e-liquid container must not exceed 10ml
  •      –  the maximum strength of nicotine must be no more than 20mg/ml
  •      –  some ingredients will be banned, including colourings, taurine and caffeine
  •      –  packaging must be child resistant and tamper evident
  •      –  e-liquid must come with labels and new warnings
  •      –  all e-cigarettes and e-liquids must be notified to MHRA before entering the market
How To Properly Use A Vape Pen

How To Properly Use A Vape Pen

How To Properly Use A Vape Pen

In recent years, vaping and the use of E-cigarettes have become quite popular. As more and more people opt for this smoking alternative, it become important to learn about the device. The following steps explains in detail how a vape pen should be used.

Step 1

When you first buy a vape pen, the first thing that you need to do is to charge it for several hours before using it. The batteries need some time to charge and it’s better to give it a full charge rather than use it on low charge. Using vapes when the charge runs out can have negative effects on the body.

Step 2

After the vape is fully charged, the next thing that you should do is run the device without any oil or herb. Best thing to do is go to an outdoor area and turn it on at the high-setting. Keep it on for no more than 90 seconds. It will ensure that any factory flotsam, if present, will get removed from the vape.

Step 3

Pre-filled cartridges are available with the device and they are connected with the battery. Usually small amounts of unmixed oil are dabbed on the atomizer or the wick. You can use a flavoured oil if you want to and the flavour mixes with the smoke.

Step 4

Different inhalers work in different ways. Some heat up automatically when the user sucks through the inhaler while others work with pushing the button. Most of the vape pens out there heat up as soon as the person using it inhales, while others turn on with a push button. There will be an indicator on the device that should tell you if the device is on or not. Before you take deep puffs, pull in some air first, keep it in your mouth and then release it. It will prevent you from getting dizzy.

Other suggestions

Always use different tanks for different flavours. One tank can last from anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending upon your usage. Never keep the tank dry and always refill when it is about to end. Keep the vape pens dry and don’t let any water or any other fluid seep into it.


E-Cigarettes and vapes are like cigarettes but with one major difference. E-cigarettes can be used repeatedly. It consists of a tank that can be filled with different flavours. Vapes and E-Cigarettes should be properly used to make sure you get the most out of it.

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5 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Traditional Cigarettes

5 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Traditional Cigarettes

It is no secret that a person’s body returns to normal when he/she quits smoking. Smoking has been associated with many diseases, cancer being the biggest of all. There have been many attempts to help people quit smoking but with little success. Recently Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes and vapes have become quite common amongst people who are looking for alternatives to smoking. E-cigarettes help cut down the addiction level in a gradual process.

Here we look at five reasons why you should also opt for e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes.

  1. Health

Health is the obvious reason why people want to quit smoking. Smoking affects the body in many ways and some are life threatening like cancer. Many people want or have tried to quit smoking but the alternatives found in the market are of little use. E-Cigarettes help cut down the nicotine intake thereby helping the body return back to its normal functioning.

  1. Helps battle addiction problems

Although research is still going on to prove whether smoking E-cigarettes cuts down nicotine addiction or not, many people have experienced positive effects. After smoking E-cigarettes, smokers have found that they can abstain from smoking for a longer period of time.

  1. No smell

One of the best things about E-Cigarettes is that they don’t produce the strong odor that traditional cigarettes do. People who are present in the surrounding don’t have to worry about passive smoking. Also, smokers need not take large puffs as most of the smoke is not exhaled.

  1. Flavours

E-cigarettes have liquids filled in them and they come in different flavours. The flavours make vaping more enjoyable and produces a sweet smell in the surroundings. There are interesting flavours that one can choose from and it makes the entire experience of vaping more exciting.

  1. Socially acceptable

Traditional cigarettes are seen as a bad habit and a menace by many people. During social gatherings, many people do not prefer cigarette smoke in close vicinities. Compared to cigarettes, vapes are more acceptable as the smoke from vapes do not bother people. Moreover, cigarette smoking is not allowed everywhere and there are designated places for smoking. However, in case of vaping one can easily take a drag or two without raising an alarm.


Traditional cigarettes have been around for a long time and are part of recreational drugs. But due to the health threats traditional cigarettes have, E-cigarettes are gaining popularity. E-cigarettes come in a variety of flavours and help fight addiction problems.

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